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Put very simply, it’s like hitting your body’s reset button.But it’s not quite that simple. The Clean Juice is a great way to give your body a break from unhealthy food choices (let’s be honest, we all make them), dehydration and general excess. And even if you’re a pillar of exercise, purity and clean living, we’re all exposed to unavoidable environmental pollutants on a daily basis. It’s estimated that, on average, we can all have at least 5 – 10 lbs of accumulated toxic waste from sources lik

What we want for you

We don’t think cleansing and detoxifying should be a struggle. A challenge? Yes. Struggle. No. That’s no way for you to treat you. Thoughts on you vs yourself? Our juices are flavourful and delicious. They’re designed using specific nutrients to make sure the whole process is as gentle as possible. We want you to feel good while you cleanse, not just afterward. The choice to do The Clean Juice is the beginning of a new way of thinking and feeling. We think it should start on the first day, with 

How we came into being

We are a group of personal trainers and nutritionist who created and adapted diet menus for our clients. We would send the menu to our clients and it would be their responsibility to prepare the meal.

The number one request we received was whether could we make the meals for them. As part of a holistic programme we would also recomend juicing. And of course the number one request we received was ,"Leigh, could you prepare the cleanse for me?"

We did prepare food for a few of our clients but our 

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